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A nightmare on elm street 2010

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My movie meter says:

Surprisingly good in terms of film making.

Some parts successfully create high-quality tense.

Same-old story.

Nice special effect.

Great visual interpretation.



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My Movie Meter says:


Average acting performances, even from Hillary Swank and Richard Gere.

Fashionable retro dresses.

Handy information about the life of Amelia Earhart.

I don’t feel the “drama”, but I do feel a bit of the romance.

The whole film lacks of charms.


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Even brutality cannot break something that is really precious, it’s what this movie all about. Precious’ life doesn’t goes along with her name. She is raped by her own father until she pregnant and gives birth to two children from him. Her mother is a cruel woman, who’s jobless, lazy and poor.

No matter how hard life is, the young Precious never really complain. When it’s about her time to breakdown, she’s lucky to have found best friends who loves her.

This film is okay. I like the scripts but the plots are average.

Lot of nasty words used by Precious’ mother, those words even hurt me  when I heard her saying them in the film. Precious doesn’t talk much on the film, but her narration leads us the way from the beginning to the end. It’s not her words that touch the audience, but it’s about how cruel her momma treat her. Big applause to Monique who plays the role as her momma, no wonder she won Oscar for this role.

If I have to describe this film: It’s simply something “precious” to watch.

Prince of Persia

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My Movie Meter says:

Average special effects.

Average plots.

Cool parkour techniques

Love Jake Gyllenhaal.

Disney can do better than this.

Let’s talk about study

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Study is not about memorizing theories and rephrasing them on the test’s paper. It’s not study, it’s called  memorizing.

Study is not about aiming good grades, because it will be stressful, yet it’s supposed to be fun.

Study is not about being the best, because there’s no such thing as “the best”, there always be greater people than we are.

Study is the process of understanding something.

Study is the process of enriching our self with inspirations, new thoughts and new ideas.

study is the process to enable our self in creating something useful for others.

It took me years to finally understand the true meaning of study. Thank god it wasn’t too late 🙂

Inspiration is my new religion

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Inspiration is my new religion. May I explain why?

Inspiration is what motivate you to do something about your life and the others’ life.

Inspiration is the key to a hidden treasure inside you.

It tickles your heart and triggers you to act.

It brings life ideas, great ideas.

Inspiration is everywhere. Observe carefully, open your mind and your heart. Let it slips into your mind, let it tickles your heart, let it forms you ideas, let it guides you to act.

“I want to be inspired and to inspire”

.Inspiration my new religion.


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Don’t know where to go yet there are roads lay ahead me.

Don’t know what I want but willing to accept new challenges.

I might take the wrong road, but I won’t be able to turn around.

I might freeze a while at the center, but I don’t have much time.

I might be in doubt but I believe God will lead me to the finish line.

So now I just wait and see, cause I believe God know what best for me.

At the crossroads.

Good is not good enough

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“Good”, the word depicts high-quality of standard. It sets up highest standard of what we do, and highest standard of the result of what we did.

In my opinion “good” is not good enough. There is higher standard than “good”. What’s higher then? “Function”.

Yes, function. If that something is useful to other, then it’s good enough.

It’s easy to create something good, but it’s hard to create something useful. So what is it that you do?Is it “only good” or is it useful? Think again, you might have to re-evaluate your standard.

Good is ok, but useful is perfect. Create something useful to others. Now.